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export to a DTP program ?

by hazel emmerich, budapest, Tuesday, January 07, 2014, 17:54 (2018 days ago) @ support

Full version can export to editable PDF format which can be edited by (full) Adobe >Acrobat

... very good,- provided the user is ready to cope with a bulky, expensive and complex PDF-editor, starting off by unstacking up to 13 pages [in case of individual month -designs], etc.
how about a single-page export to [e.g.] a bitmap file ?!

Preference for Monday/Sunday start to week is included with regional settings as >there are regional differences in preferences.
EU countries generally favour Monday start to week whereas US prefers Sunday.

i didn't mean the week-start, but rather the week-numbering option [1->52} is tucked away ...

In addition to this, there are optional interfaces in English, French, German, >Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Italian.
There are no plans to expand the language options for the user interface.

...'you saved my day':
thanks for rejecting my offer to translate your interface into serb/croat - it would
have been the lowest hourly wage i had ever had ! :-) .... my idea was to bring your program closer to the ~20 million serb/croat speakers [= 2,5 times that of an equally non-affluent hungarian population].
... however, my objections to the 'untidiness' of your program-interface remain, e.g. : 'events' - like your aunt's birthday, on the one hand and state and/or religious 'holidays' on the other hand are not differentiated ;
in europe, we 'print' holidays in red, while your aunt's birthday is just a caption under a certain date.
there are similar idiosyncrasies throughout.
moreover, [on your language-flag pane] some of my croat friends could even be offended seeing an extinct pre-ww2 yougoslav-kingdom flag - which closely resembles their current one - being baloon-captioned 'serbian' [... and accordingly, some of my
serb friends could say: this is not our flag!].
facit: if you pretend to be multi-kulti, you've got to be very careful - and do much better.
;-) ... by the way, i didn't know that russia is not in europe ?! - or you don't know the difference between the EU and the european continent [- shame, especially assuming the seat of your company to be in europe].

nevertheless, i'll probably be buying your program for my wife to play around with.

regards, hazelem

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