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export to a DTP program ?

by support ⌂, Sunday, January 05, 2014, 18:51 (1962 days ago) @ hazel emmerich
edited by support, Sunday, January 05, 2014, 19:16

is it possible (within the full version of the program)
to export a calendar(-page) to a file capable of
being modified within a desktop publishing program -
where the items would be live text/picture, or
mixed-content boxes/fields ?
this capability would open up a much wider scope for
the usability of the program - advanced users could
'tweak' the output to enviable results.

Full version can export to editable PDF format which can be edited by (full) Adobe Acrobat

II.- 'simply calenders' is very appealing on the basis
of its 'international' character, but the user-interface
structure needs quite a bit of (logic-) refurbishing ;
e.g. 'week-numbering'-option is now being set under the
'language'-button, etc., etc.....

Preference for Monday/Sunday start to week is included with regional settings as there are regional differences in preferences.
EU countries generally favour Monday start to week whereas US prefers Sunday.

III.- since you seem to have a german translation,
would you consider a serb+croat one from me ?
((croats use archaic slav month-names + other subtleties))

Thank you for the offer.
Simply Calenders already has the option to produce calendars in Serbian (with Cyrillic or roman characters) and Croatian.
In addition to this, there are optional interfaces in English, French, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and Italian.
There are no plans to expand the language options for the user interface.

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