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Image aspect ratio

by support ⌂, Sunday, January 05, 2014, 18:38 (1781 days ago) @ Jim Mayor

As usual I didn't explain properly.

I would like to be able to utilize the entire available image space on a calendar. If I have an image that is not of the same aspect ratio then I will have to crop the image. This seems like it would be a trial and error effort if I still want to use the entire space. For example: If I have a square image and the total available space has a 1.50 aspect ratio, in my image editing program I can set the crop tool to a 1.50 aspect ratio and peruse the image to find the best crop. One relatively easy step.

There are many factors that determine the available space for an image in any given calendar style (page size and aspect, orientation, font sizes used, sizeable " calendar" block). If this were to be implemented it would need to be calculated in real time and displayed to user, say as a tooltip.

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