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export to a DTP program ?

by hazel emmerich @, Saturday, January 04, 2014, 14:45 (2021 days ago)

I.- evaluating 'simply-calenders' for a few days, now
brings me up to the following question :

is it possible (within the full version of the program)
to export a calendar(-page) to a file capable of
being modified within a desktop publishing program -
where the items would be live text/picture, or
mixed-content boxes/fields ?
this capability would open up a much wider scope for
the usability of the program - advanced users could
'tweak' the output to enviable results.

II.- 'simply calenders' is very appealing on the basis
of its 'international' character, but the user-interface
structure needs quite a bit of (logic-) refurbishing ;
e.g. 'week-numbering'-option is now being set under the
'language'-button, etc., etc.....

III.- since you seem to have a german translation,
would you consider a serb+croat one from me ?
((croats use archaic slav month-names + other subtleties))
in that case, i'd propose a settlement in exchange for a
perpetual user-license for your program.
.... otherwise, i'd buy your user-licence - provided your
answer to my #I. question is positive. :-)

best regards from budapest, yours - hazelem

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