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Moved to new computer and missing pictures

by support ⌂, Monday, December 03, 2012, 21:16 (2418 days ago) @ Margaret

I've just moved to a new Windows 8 desktop.
I downloaded Simply Calendars, installed it, and entered my registration info. (I've had the product for years and love it!)
I previously moved all my files, including documents and pictures, to the new computer.
So, I can bring up an (old) calendar on my new computer just fine.
But there are no pictures showing. (The proper pictures are on the new computer.)
Do I have to reload them all individually month by month into the calendars?
Or is there an easier way to repopulate the calendars?

One more question. Have the universal settings that I previously set come across to the newly installed application? Just wondering if they are associated with my registration number or if I'll have to reapply them.


The pictures will only be found on the new computer if they are located in exactly the same location as on the old PC.
You can directly edit the cld file with notepad to reflect the new location of picture files:
Picture 0=C:\Documents and Settings\Margaret\My Documents\Simply Calenders\Graphics\XXX.jpg
Picture 0=C:\Users\Margaret\Documents\Simply Calenders\Graphics\XXX.jpg

Or you can load each picture anew within Simply Calenders

The general settings will need to be reapplied.

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