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renaming days of the week

by support ⌂, Saturday, November 17, 2012, 18:39 (2193 days ago) @ Costa

This can be achieved by creating a "custom language"

  • Choose "Choose Calendar Language ... " on Languages menu
  • Select your preferred calendar language then click "Copy as New" button
  • Give the custom language a name, for example,English with Full Day Names
  • Extend the day names as desired, for example, Mon to Monday
  • Uncheck the option "Permit Abbrev. (Days)"
  • Click OK

You should now be able to select your new "language", for example,English with Full Day Names with full day names

Note: on PCs using a large screen resolution (>800 hight), there is a bug affecting the new language window causing it to be displayed incorrectly. This bug is now corrected and v5.3.1420 will be uploaded later today. v5.3.1420 should show this window correctly at all resolutions.

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