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Print mutliple events for one day on separate lines

by support ⌂, Friday, November 28, 2008, 15:04 (3884 days ago) @ Sharon

Hi Sharon,

This is in fact a bug (thanks for alerting us to this).
Predefined events are automatically formated
(BUT there should be a forced new line after "DST begins").
This bug will be corrected in the next build.

In the meantime you can get around this by adding 4 spaces before and after the entry for "DST begins" - you do this through "Edit Predefined Events" on Day Labels menu.

[The display view will be pretty much the same as a print preview at 100% zoom, however other zoom views are an approximation due to fixed font sizes]

» In the application view, if there are multiple predefined events on one day
» they *sometimes* dispay on separate lines, however when I print the
» calendar or print to PDF, these events are printed on one line only. Is
» there a setting or a way to force multiple predefined events for one day
» onto separate lines>
» Specs:
» Simply Calendars Version: 5.0.1300.
» Calendar Type: Duplex Month Calendars
» Calendar Style: Duplex 3 Month 2[41]
» Year: 2009
» Language: English
» Religous Events: Christian Events (western)
» Daylight Savins Dates: American
» problem dates:
» March 8, 2009
» Nov 1, 2009

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