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Prior years Calendars being changed

by support ⌂, Friday, November 28, 2008, 14:38 (3884 days ago) @ Robert Hirschkind

1. The year of *saved* calendars will not change unless you change and save it.
2. Even if you change the year, manually entered events will still occur on the same date (but obviously not on same day of week)
3 The default calendar template opened will open on current year until July when it defaults to following year (unless open at current date is selected through options)

» I began to setup my 2009 calendar, including several repeating events.
» I saved my work with a unique file name (includes "2009").
» Several days later, I wanted to update my 2008 calendar. I opened the
» 2008 calendar file, but the year which displays in the drop down window in
» the upper right hand corner of the screen reverted to "2009"!
» When I selected 2008 from the drop down window in the upper right hand
» corner of the screen, my 2008 calendar was displayed with all my manually
» entered events shifted two days earlier!
» Any suggestions>
» Thanks

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