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Commercial printing of calendar

by el @, californa, Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 22:31 (3896 days ago) @ support

» » Hello and good afternoon,
» » I would like to print 500 copies of a calendar I made with my bird
» » photographs, to sell this holiday season. Is it possible to send my
» files
» » to a commercial offset printer> and if so, how must the files be
» presented
» » in order for this to be acomplished.
» » Thank you.
» This is best discussed with your printer.
» Simply Calenders can export multipage output in PDF, TIFF formats

I have similar problem, any good print shop with reasonable price in the San Francisco bay area> I am just looking for printing some small quantity for my friends and families (probably 50-100 to start with).

Also, how do you export TIFF (or JPG) format> When output to PDF, how do you attach a color profile with it or does it assume specific color space already> What does print assume (or do they>)>
Thanks much in advance.

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