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Three Simply Calendar new-user questions

by support ⌂, Saturday, September 06, 2008, 18:26 (3944 days ago) @ Jon Asher

» I have three issues as a new Simply Calendar user under Windows Vista.
» First, I'd like Windows Startup to activate Simply Calendar so that it
» shows the current month with annotations. Right now, I get current month
» which is blank. If I Open a Saved File with my annotated calendar, it
» displays January.

1. SC can be set to open with a given file OR at current date
As saved calendars are for a given year, SC will not open a saved calendar at current date.

» Second, I keep getting a message that the bottom margin of my HP Officejet
» Printer is too small. How do I stop that message from appearing>

2. This is due to the fact that with that OfficeHJet it is not physically possible to print that close to the bottom edge. There is no way to suppress this message currently.

» Finally, how can I enter Repeatable Events that repeat for years on a
» certain date, e.g., birthdays>

3. Just enter your birthday on , say 6 September. If you advance the year then birthday will still be present on 6 September.

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