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Image size

by support ⌂, Saturday, August 23, 2008, 20:37 (3983 days ago) @ Sarah Holdsworth

» Can you tell me the optimum size for an image to import into the Calendar
» please> - at the moment I am using Illustrated with mini calenders (16)

This depends on a number of factors (intended printed size of picture, resolution of picture file, printing resolution ...) Ideally the optimum size would be that which doesn't need resizing. Using too large a picture will result in slow loading and possibly some image degradation.
Using too small a picture will give a blocky (pixelated) result.
Simply Calenders can usually cope with 10MPixel pictures on Vista/XP.

» Sometimes I get messages that "some margins are invalid."

This means that one or more of your margins is set closer to the edge of the page than your printer can actually print. Not many printers can print right to the edge of the paper and have an unprintable area. This varies from printer to printer.

» Does the size change depending on the template being used as I will also
» be using 3 Month B (24)

It depends on what size you have selected for the picture rather than the chosen template.

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