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Simply Calenders BETA 5.2

by support ⌂, Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 17:01 (3105 days ago) @ support

v5.2 will again be a free upgrade to anyone who has previously purchased a licence for Simply Calenders

» To use this beta version 5.2 of Simply Calenders, you should already have
» installed the standard version 5.1. You can download zipped replacement
» "Simply Calenders.exe" from
» This is a pre-release BETA version that has been subjected to in house
» testing. Please let support at skerryvoresoftware (dot com) know if you
» encounter any problems.
» Thankyou for your help
» ** New features **
» 1. Booklet style week calendars (4) including one with variable start
» month
» 2. Booklet style month calendar (1)
» 3. Mirrored margins (to allow for larger margin on bound edge)
» 4. Option (on pictures menu) to use marginless full page for main picture
» on duplex and booklet calendars
» (if your printer supports borderless printing)
» 5. Independent font style for user defined day labels
» 6. New Extra page features (Include ruled lines, calendars for current and
» previous year)
» 7. New Colour Scheme
» 8. Revised menu structure - hopefully more intuitive
» 9. Many new shortcut keys
» 10. Option not to print week numbering convention (American/ISO8601)
» and many more minor enhancements

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