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Uninstalling Simply Calenders (v2)

Standard Uninstall (recommended)

Uninstalling Simply Calenders should be straightforward (using Microsoft Installer - MSI)

Via Setting, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs,
Select Simply Calenders and Click [Add/Remove...]


However you do need to have access to the original "Simply Calenders X.X.msi" file contained within the Simply Calenders installation files.

(If you get a message saying Simply Calenders vX.X .msi cannot be found or similar- this means original installation files have been deleted.)

To achieve a clean uninstall, the original MSI files can be re-downloaded by clicking here

If requested by the uninstall program, browse to folder where the "Simply Calenders X.X.msi" was downloaded

"Dirty" Uninstall

(Not recommended unless above has failed)

On one PC where an operating system had been upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000, Microsoft Installer refused to recognise the original "Simply Calenders.msi" file. ("not a valid installation file for the program Simply Calenders")

This was rectified by using Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility to clean up the Simply Calenders entry.
( you can download this from Microsoft downloads)


Select Simply Calenders then Click Remove.

This does not actually uninstall Simply Calenders but tells the Installer to forget that Simply Calenders has been installed.

It is then possible to reinstall then uninstall Simply Calenders v2 from the original Simply Calenders v2 installation files.

A simpler final step is to delete the folder containing Simply Calenders.exe could be deleted.