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With Simply Calenders you can produce calendars in 70 different customisable styles:

Year Planner (0)
classic grid style

Illustrated 3 Month Calendars (1, 24)
more classic designs

Strip Calendar (2)
2 months per page, to be split into 2 strips

Month Planners (3, 17, 38)
basic no frills calendars to write on

Illustrated Month Planners (4, 16)
as above with pictures

Pocket Year Planner(5)
to fit in your top pocket

Year Planner Design 2 (6)
12 month blocks on a page

4 Year Pocket Planner (7)
4 consecutive years

Right to Left Illustrated Month (8)
for hebrew and arabic languages

Picture Calendar (9)
picture as feature

Illustrated Year Calendars (10, 22)
Picture(s) and 12 month blocks

Week Planners (11, 12, 29)
one week per page

Booklet Week Planners (55-57, 59)
one week per page

Booklet Month Planners (58)
one week per page

Appointment Planner (39, 49)
Dates in line with appointment times below

Year planners by week (13, 14)
in rows of weeks

Duplex Month Calendars (15, 21, 40, 41)
double-sided drop-down

Maternity Organiser (18)
to help organise your pregnancy

Advent Calendar (19)
windowed calendar leading up to Christmas

Festive Calendar (46)
windowed calendar leading up to New Year

Itemized Month Organiser (20)
with the family events in mind

2 x 6 Picture Year Planner (23, 26)
2 columns of months with picture(s)

Illustrated Single Strip (25)
column month with room for large picture(s)

Column with minicalendars (27)
single column with minicalendars and central picture(s)

Month in Line (28)
Picture(s) above with dates in a line

Academic Planners (30, 35)
designed for schools and universities

Fiscal Calendars (31 - 34, 52, 53)
for financial planning

Freestanding Prisms (36, 37)
Horizontal or Vertical
fold in 3 to stand on desk

Variable Start Illustrated Year Calendar (42)
start at any month with individual month pictures

Birthday calendars (43, 45, 48)
generic "no year" calendars

Large Print Month Calendar (44)
big dates designed to be read from a distance

Single Wide Column (50)
one wide column with plenty of room for additions

Single Month in 2 strips (51, 54)
2 date columns

Month and Year Calendar (61, 62)
Single month per page with whole year of mini month calendars beneath. Also has duplex illustrated variant

CD Case calendar (62)
calendar designed to fit within CD Jewel case

His'N'Hers (63)
or Hers'N'His or Hers'N'Hers or His'N'His
... to schedule a couple's independent needs

Jewish Calendars (64,65)
These styles superimpose the Jewish calendar and festivals on a western calendar

Panoramic Photo Calendars (66-69)
designed to showcase your panoramic photos

Trilingual Photo Calendars (70)
in 3 languages of your choice

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