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Opens dialog allowing selection of graphic files for calendar month.
Any graphic in BMP, JPG, PDF, WMF, TIF, PNG, GIF, ICO, EMF, DIB or RLE format may be used for illustrations.

Browse ... to select a picture file from your Hard Disk

  • Select [None] for no picture.
  • Add text to Caption box, if a picture caption is desired.
  • If a border is desired, Check Border.
  • [Edit] opens integral Image Editor (The Darkroom)

Select Picture

Selects picture for moving or resizing

Reset Image to default Size and Position

Restores default size and position for image on displayed month.

Match Picture Size to Calendar Block

Available for grid calendars once calendar block size has been set.
This sets picture to same size as calendar block for that page.

Apply this Page's Picture Size and Position to All Pages

Sets all pictures to same size as this page


Moves image on displayed page to left, centre or right
Disabled for Duplex calendars

Remove All Pictures from Calendar

Removes all picture references for current calendar (graphic files are not deleted).

Promotional Pictures

Opens dialogue allowing you to choose a picture for each page. Although intended for promotional logos, this feature can be used for any picture. The picture can be moved and resized as other pictures.

Image File Utilities

- Opens Image File Utilities Dialog where image files may be reduced or converted.

Image Editor

Opens integral Image Editor (The Darkroom)

Graphic files may be obtained from

  • photo/clipart collections
  • scanning own photos/drawings
  • digital photographs
  • drawing software
  • Internet

Double clicking on a picture area opens the picture dialog for that month.

If you have a TWAIN compliant scanner, you can scan a picture directly into the calendar by selecting Acquire (this is disabled if no scanner is available)

If a calendar with pictures selected is open and a new template is opened, picture selections will be carried over to the new calendar by default.

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