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Layout Menu


By choosing Multimonth mode you can create month calendars
up to 36 month length
- starting on months other than January.

When in multimonth mode, a 3 tiered month toolbar will be visible. The top tier represents the year before, the middle tier represents the year selected and the bottom tier represents the year after.

Not to be printed

Months in red/strikethrough will not be printed nor included in exports. Rightclick on button to set month printable.

Sunday Start

Starts weeks on Sunday rather than Monday

Weekend Saturday Only

If checked, weekend font is used for Saturdays only.

Weekend Sunday Only

If checked , weekend font is used for Sundays only.

Align Title

Sets Title to be aligned to Right, Centre (default) or Left of page


Select whether year is expressed as

  • CE (Common Era) eg 2000
  • Roman Numerals eg MM
  • CE + Hebrew eg 2000 (5760AM)
  • CE + Islamic eg 2000 (1420/21AH)
  • User Defined (add user defined string as suffix to CE Year)
  • None (omit year from calendar)


Toggles orientation.

Paper Size

Opens Printer Setup Dialog Box allowing change of paper size Many paper sizes supported by the printer may be chosen.
The layout should adjust to fit that paper size. However the default font sizes are optimised for A4 and may need to be altered.
Printers set to port "FILE:" ie print to file cannot be used


Allows setting of margins for calendar in millimetres. If margin size is less than the unprintable area, it will be rounded up.Increasing the size of margins may be used to produce smaller calendars.

Line Style

Allows change of line colour and widthapplies to graphic borders and calendar grids.
Thick lines are 3 points wide; Thin, one point wide.


When Maternity Organiser is the active calendar type, Layout menu has an additional item EDD.
You can set the expected date of delivery through EDD.
Either LMP (last menstrual period) or EDD (expected date of delivery) can be entered.
Although the date can be entered in many formats, yyyy-mm-dd eg 2004-09-01 is preferred, as this is unambiguous and should always be interpreted correctly.


When Itemised Organiser is the active calendar type, Layout menu has an additional item Columns.
This is used to set the number of columns (2 – 8) and the text for the column headers.
The column headers should be entered as a single line separated by semicolons (;) eg Alan;Barbara;Carolyn

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