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Simply Calenders

Help for Simply Calenders

Fonts Menu

Select Fonts

Font style (Font, Font Size, Italic, Bold, Colour) can be set for each of

  • Calendar Title
  • Headers
  • Graphic Captions
  • Weekday Dates
  • Weekend Dates
  • Day Labels
  • Promotions
  • Extra Text
  • Extra Page(s)
  • Front Page Title Font (when Front Page is displayed)
  • Front Page Text Font (when Front Page is displayed)

    Any installed True Type Font may be used, provided it contains a Character Set for the chosen language.

    It is generally better to have a similar font size for Weekday and Weekend Dates.
    Weekend dates apply to Saturday and Sunday unless Weekend Saturday Only/Weekend Saturday Only is selected from Layout menu.

    If a given character set (eg Arabic, Russian etc) is not available in that font, then Windows will look for an alternative font with that character set and override the font selection.

    Set As Default – if this box is checked then, whenever Simply Calenders is opened, selected font will be remembered as your preferred font for that font group.


    Use Default Font Sizes for chosen paper size

    Applies predefined optimised font sizes for chosen paper size and calendar style.


    Highlight Colours 1 and 2

    Sets the colours to be used for emphasizing dates.
    (set through Edit User Defined, Day Labels)

    Cell Shading

    (disabled if not available for that calendar template)

    This opens a dialog which allows you to select dates where Cell Shading is to be applied.


    Set Colour for Shading

    Allows user to select colour/shade for cell shading.
    On Maternity Organisers, this sets the general shading colour/shade.
    On Itemised Month Organisers, this sets the Column Header colour/shade

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