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Simply Calenders

Help for Simply Calenders

File Menu

Open (Ctrl + O)

·To open an existing calendar file (*.cld) select File, Open
Select a calendar file, (navigating to appropriate folder if necessary)

Open Template

Choose one of the 52 templates.

Month Calendars

Year Planners

Week Planners



Fiscal & Financial Calendars

Academic And School Calendars

Calendar Creation Wizard (F2)

Opens Calendar Creation Wizard, a step by step tool allowing you to create a personalised calendar or modify an existing one.

Save (Ctrl + S)

· Saves open calendar as a *.cld file

Save As...

Saves open calendar as a new *.cld file


Allows you to view current settings for open calendar file

Print (Ctrl + P)

Opens print dialog
Select months to be printed and enter number of copies, then ckick OK to print a calendar
(If you are very short of hard disk space or memory, you may need to print less than 12 months at a time.)

Print PDF

Allows you to print calendar to a PDF file

You can select the pages to be printed.
You can specify whether PDF file can be printed, copied* or modified*.
The PDF can be encrypted.

PDF file created using Print PDF may differ slightly from display due to font substitution.
PDF files created using Print PDF are editable with 3rd party software such as Adobe Acrobat.

You can also export to PDF file.
PDF files created using Export to PDF should be the same as display but are not editable.

* not available with demonstration version

Print Setup

· Opens printer setup dialog to select printer and printer settings.When “Simply Calenders” is opened this is set to windows default printer.Use this dialog to change printer, paper source, quality or paper size.

Exit (F9)

Exits program

Last four opened .cld files may be opened directly from File menu by selecting that file name

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