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Simply Calenders

Help for Simply Calenders

Export Menu


Export page as

- Copies current calendar page to various file formats
JPEG (*.jpg), Windows Bitmap (*.bmp) file, Acrobat Portable Document (*.pdf), Tagged Image file (*.tif), Portable Network File (*.png)


Export Page to Desktop wallpaper

Saved copy of current calendar page and uses this as desktop wallpaper for current user


Export Calendar as

- Copies complete current calendar to a multipage Acrobat Portable Document (*.pdf) or a multipage Tagged Image file (*.tif).
Higher resolution gives better quality but a larger file size
Custom quality depends on the Zoom setting selected, 200% giving a high resolution, 50% giving a low resolution calendar.
Multipage PDF files are useful for sending a completed calendar to others.
Multipage TIFF files can be very large.

You can also print a calendar to PDF file


Export 10 year Calendar as

- Exports 10 years of current year planner (from currently selected year) to a multipage Acrobat Portable Document (*.pdf) or a multipage Tagged Image file (*.tif)
Quality options as above


Create Web Calendar

After displaying HTML Options Dialog, exports complete year’s calendar as indexed calendar ready for upload to web space or copying to CD-ROM or floppy.
The HTML Options Dialog allows you to specify

  • Page size of calendar
  • Meta tags (title, description and keywords)
  • Colours (background, text and hyperlink)
  • Options (front page, print script, table borders)
  • Name of subfolder for webpage files


View Web Calendar

Opens a web Calendar created by Simply Calenders using your default Browser

Organise Web Calendars

  • View, Copy or Delete web calendars
  • Explore web calendars folder (and Style Sheets folder)

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