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Help for Simply Calenders

Edit Menu


Selects object (picture, calendar block, title, text block) for moving or resizing.


Undoes last action, click again to redo the action.
Open Template and Wizard changes cannot be undone unless you have selected this option under Edit, Preferences.

Copy Page to Clipboard

Copies calendar page to clipboard in Windows Bitmap (bmp) format. The calendar can then be pasted into other applications such as Word Processor documents. This can further extend the available calendar formats.- Disabled if unprintable area is shown.

Clear Clipboard

Clears clipboard if calendar page currently stored (freeing resources).


Associate *.cld Files

(not on Vista where this is done on installation)
Allows easy association of Simply Calenders files (*.cld) with Simply Calenders program.
CLD Files may then be opened in Simply Calenders by doubleclicking on file name within Windows Explorer

Set Preferred File Location

Allows you to select a folder where calendar and picture files are stored.
This can be a shared network folder.

Open at current date

· If ticked, new calendars will open at current date otherwise will open at January in next year.

Open at Last File

· If ticked, program opens with last opened *.cld file (if available).

Open with Wizard

Select this to show Calendar Creation Wizard every time you open Simply Calenders

Use Julian Calendar for Eastern Orthodox Events

If ticked, fixed Eastern Orthodox events will then be placed according to the Old Julian calendar, currently running 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar.

Allow Undo for Wizard and Open Template

This allows you to undo changes made by the Wizard or the Open Template function. Selecting this will cause program to be slower when using the Wizard or Open Template.

Time Zone for Moon Phases, Solstices and Equinoxes

This allows you to select the Time Zone used when calculating Moon Phases, Solstices and Equinoxes.
The default setting is the system time zone for your PC.
(The Lunar Months and Solstice Events in Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese National Events are still calculated for the time zone of the appropriate country)

Use Selected Location (below) to Update Time Zone
If selected, Time Zone for Moon Phases will will be adjusted each time location for Sunrise/Sunset is altered

Location for Sunrise and Sunset Calculations

Sets the location to be used when calculating Sunrise and Sunset times.
Either choose one of the many preset locations
or click Add button to add your own.

Interface Language

This allows you to choose a language for interface. 
This does not affect calendar language and takes effect on next opening Simply Calenders.
Month and Day names are kept in system default language for that computer.

Registration Key

Allows user to enter their personal username and registration key.
These should be entered in exactly as given.
Restrictions on DEMONSTRATION VERSION are removed if username and registration key match up.

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