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Help for Simply Calenders

Display Menu

Go To Page ...

· Changes displayed calendar page to next, previous or selected month.

Front Page

· Changes display to Front Page (Month “0”)


Opens a dialog showing all pages of calendar as thumbnails.(Disabled if not month calendar)
Text information regarding the calendar is also displayed.
Click on a Month Thumbnail to open page for that month.


Displays page of thumbnail views of pictures used in calendar.
Can include main image only (3 x 4) or main and 2nd image (4 x 6)
(Disabled if not available)

Extra Pages

For month calendars, up to 2 extra pages may be inserted between the calendar pages and the Thumbnail page. Extra pages may be blank, show a PDF file or include basic text. The PDF file can be rotated through 90, 180 or 270. You can specify whether these extra pages are printed on the Print Dialog.


· Changes view of page to a specified magnification, fullpage height or width.Views less than 100% will occasionally result in imperfect representation of fonts on some screen displays. This does not apply to printing which should always be accurate.


· Forces redraw of current page

View Graphics

· Toggles visibility of pictures.
Not displaying graphics allows faster screen changes.

Mark Unprintable Area

· Toggles display of unprintable area for current printer as dotted line (on screen only).

When is Easter?

· Displays message box stating date of Easter for selected year

When is Pesach (Passover)?

· Displays message box stating date of Pesach for selected year.

When is Chinese New Year?

· Displays message box stating date of Chinese New Year and Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet) along with dates of months (moons) for China and Vietnam.

View Islamic Calendar

· Displays Gregorian dates corresponding to beginning of each Islamic month for currently selected year
(approximate - based on arithmetic not observational calendar)

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