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Day Labels (user defined)

With this feature, you can add text to special days such as Company Events, National holidays or family birthdays (using Day Label font) and set certain dates to be highlighted using a different font colour.

Day Labels, User-Defined, Edit [Ctrl + U]

  1. Highlight Dates

    You can specify dates to be emphasized in either of two Highlight Colours.
    To highlight a date, select month and date then choose either of the Highlight Colours.
    You can change Highlight Colour for whole calendar by doubleclicking Highlight Colour.

  2. User Defined Day Labels

    Disabled for all Year Planners except type 1
    Here you can specify text for any day of the year - just select month and date, then enter text in box.
    This may span 1-8 lines according to calendar type.

On Itemised Organiser, you can specify column using semicolon (;) as separator

eg entering

First Event;;;;Last Event

will produce

Anne Bertie Charles   Eddie
1 2 3 4  
First Event       Last Event

You can suppress display of set events (eg Christian Events) for that date by inserting a double hyphen (- -) in user defined events. The double hyphen (- -) will not be displayed nor printed.

User defined Day Labels are saved within individual cld files.

You can easily add repeated events, ie the same text at set intervals,
eg every first Tuesday of month, every 6 weeks etc
Click Day Labels, User defined, select date for first date, add appropriate text, then click [Repeating Events] button to copy to other dates.

You can also export these Day Labels to one or more txt files for re-use in another calendar [Export].

You can import previously exported Day Labels [Import].

Text Files with Swedish Namedays and Catholic Saint days are included with program

Add menu allows insertion of calculated Julian dates for that year.
NB: These are not recalculated if calendar year is changed.

Add menu also allows insertion of leading blank line.This may be useful if adjacent day labels overlap.

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