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Day Labels


Edit [Ctrl + U]

This may be used to mark special days such as family birthdays, company events, or national holidays
See User Defined Events

Quick Entry [Ctrl + Q]

Allows you to enter text for custom Day Labels in format MM DD Text for day
eg 09 12 John's Birthday
to enter John's Birthday on 12 September

View User Defined

Disabled for Year Planners
Displays overview of user defined events for whole year.

Import User Preferred Events (userpref.txt)

After having saved your user defined events to userdef.txt (see above), you can then use this menu to quickly re-import your favourite events.

Mark Easter

Calculates date of (western) Easter and appends calendar appropriately in weekend font. This overrides Christian Events label for Easter

Religious Events

Christian Events (Western)
Adds moveable and fixed western Christian events as Day Labels to calendar for the selected year.
This is usually translated to selected language.
The shortened version does not include Sundays of Lent nor Advent
Eastern Orthodox Events
Adds Eastern Orthodox Events as Day labels. Text is in selected language for some languages including Greek and Russian.
Islamic Events
Adds approximate dates of Islamic Events and months as Day Labels (Arabic/English)
Jewish Events
Adds Jewish Events and Hebrew months as Day Labels (Hebrew/English)

Other Calendars

Allows other calendars, Julian or Hebrew, to be superimposed on the base Gregorian calendar.
For the Hebrew calendar, Hebrew month names are added to the headers.

National Events

Adds predicted British, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Icelandic, US, Canadian or Mexican events. 
These predictions have been extensively checked, but should be checked when this information is critical.
See National Events

Mark Public Holidays in Red

If selected, the dates of public holidays will be shown in red (for National Events selected above)

Moon Phases

Adds New, Waxing, Full and Waning moon symbols to calendar.

Note: moon phases occur at the same moment throughout the world but this may fall on different dates in different time zones. You can set the Time Zone used through Preferences on Edit menu. No adjustment is made for Daylight Saving.

Solstices and Equinoxes

Adds astronomical summer solstice, winter solstice, spring and autumn equinoxes.
For English language Northern hemisphere is assumed unless English (Australian) is chosen as language, or chosen location is south of the equator.

Sunrise and Sunset

Adds predicted sunrise and sunset for every day using location set under Preferences.
Where feasible, adjustment is been made for daylight saving time.

Week Numbers

Adds week numbers to calendar.

These may be

  • ISO 8601 (Week 1 is Monday week that includes 4 January)
    Commonly used in Europe
  • American (Week 1 is Sunday week that includes 1 January)
    Used in USA, Canada and other parts of American continent
  • UK Inland Revenue Weeks (Week 1 begins 6 April)

Note: Other week numbering systems may be in use in other parts of the world

Day of Year

Adds day of year 1 to 365/6

Daylight Savings (DST)

(applies to month calendars only)
Adds Daylight saving dates (change of hour) to calendar.

  • NA North American
    DST(NA) begins/ends
  • EU European
    BST begins/ends
    l'Heure d'été/hiver
    Sommerzeit beginnt/endet
    Zomertijd begin/einde
    Ora Legale inizio/ termina com/fin.
    Hora Verano
    DST begins/ends
    depending on language of calendar
  • Au Australian
    DST (Au) begins/ends

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