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File Menu (Darkroom)


Opens a blank canvas in one of three resolutions
High Res are larger files with greater detail
Low Res are smaller files with less detail.
Remember that the picture area in the calendars is usually quite small and fine detail may not be required.


Opens a graphic file using standard open file dialog.JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF, RLE, ICO & WMF files may be opened by Simply Calendars.


Opens up TWAIN scanner/digital camera interface to import your own photographs.
Disabled if no scanner or other TWAIN device installed

Select Source

Allows selection of TWAIN source (Scanners and Digital Cameras) if more than one present .


Saves current image using original file name and format.
Disabled for WMF metafiles and if image not yet saved.

Save As

Save current image using new file name and/or format.
Images may be saved in JPEG(*.jpg), Windows Bitmap (*.bmp), Compressed bitmap format (*.rle), Tagged Image (*.tif), GIF (*.gif) or Portable Network Graphic (*.png)
JPEG format is recommended for most purposes as the file size is relatively small, however repeated saving to JPEG may result in some loss of detail.


Displays the properties of the current image


Closes Darkroom prompting to save current image if unsaved.
If Darkroom has been opened from the Choose Picture Dialog then saved picture will automatically be used for appropriate month .

Last Opened File

Opens last used image file

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