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Edit Menu (Darkroom)


Undoes last change.
2 undo levels are available, that is, you can undo the last 2 changes. When this menu is grayed no more undos are available.

Cut Copy

Cuts or copies the selected area or the whole image if no area is selected. If an oval selection is in use the image copied will be oval.


Enabled when image data is present on clipboard (ie you have just cut or copied an image).
Pastes image to selected area or whole picture area if no selection stretching as necessary

Crop to Selection

Reduces the image to the selected area. Disabled (grayed) if no area selected.

Remove Selection

Clears the current Selection (ie whole picture selected)


Enabled when image data is present on clipboard (ie you have just cut or copied an image).Merges clipboard image with selected area on picture (or whole area if no selection).
This may be done in 4 different ways which suit different situations. Merge takes the average of the source and destination pixels. AND, OR and XOR combine the source and destination images according to bitwise logic. This is best appreciated by experimentation.


Returns the whole picture to a blank white image.

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