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Other Calendars

Simply Calenders does not support creation of non-Gregorian calendars.
[This information is provided for interest only.]

The Hebrew calendar 

is a mixed solar/lunar calendar with years coinciding with the solar year whilst months are lunar. A year varies between 353 and 385 days and begins on the day of the new moon. The year may have 12 or 13 months. Years are counted since "Anno Mundi", the creation of the world, which is assumed to have occurred in 3761BC.
[2000AD was 5760AM]

It is the official calendar of Israel and used for religious purposes all over the world.

The Islam calendar 

is a pure lunar calendar with 12 lunar months. Months begin with the sighting of the new moon. The year is consistently shorter than the solar year and hence the Islam year shifts with respect to the Gregorian calendar. Years are counted since Hijra (Mohamed's flight to Medina) which is said to have occurred in 622 AD [2000AD was 1420/1421AH]

It is the official calendar in many gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia. Other muslim countries use the Gregorian calendar for civil purposes and the Islamic calendar for religious purposes.

The Persian Calendar 

is a solar calendar which has 12 months of 30 days with 5/6 additional days. It begins on March 21.

The Chinese Calendar 

is one of the oldest calendars. It was allegedly invented by Emperor Huangdi in 2637 BC. It is a combined solar/lunar calendar with similarities to the Hebrew in having 12/13 lunar months and a variable length year.
2000AD was 4698
The Chinese new year occurs in mid January to mid February.
Although the Gregorian Calendar is now the official civil calendar in China, the Chinese calendar is used for determining Chinese festivals.

The Budhist Era 

year is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian year ie 2000AD was 2543 BE

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