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FAQ - Simply Calenders

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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G21. Why do the dates/text disappear when I export a calendar? 

After exporting a calendar to JPG/TIF only the grid lines are visible - the dates and any text within the grid cannot be seen 

This is most likely due to hardware acceleration on your display driver. Graphics Hardware Acceleration is used to smooth screen changes with fast changing graphics (eg Games Software). 

Graphics Hardware Acceleration on most display drivers works well with Simply Calenders. However some Graphics Acceleration has been reported to cause the perimeter of the grid to be drawn as an opaque rather than a transparent box (so obscuring dates and text). This is reported to be a problem with the ATI Radeon 9000 Display Driver 

FIX: Reduce or Turn Off Graphics Hardware Acceleration This differs from PC to PC but settings for Hardware Acceleration will be found under Control Panel - Display - Settings perhaps on - Advanced - Troubleshoot