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FAQ for Simply Calenders - Calendar Creation Software from Skerryvore Software Ltd

FAQ - Simply Calenders

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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G15. Can I add more than one picture to a calendar page? 

Since version 4.2, you can add a second picture to any page for most illustrated calendar styles. From v4.8 a 3rd picture can be added.

On Add/Edit Picture Dialog, choose Picture 2, then select your picture file. 

Pictures  can be moved and resized. 

You can also add a "Promotional Picture (Logo)" (4th picture). 

Its initial default size is smaller than the main picture but the image, size and position can be set individually for each page. 

To add a 4th picture, 

  • Select Promotional Picture (Logo) from thePromotion menu.
    (see Screenshot
  • Select the row corresponding to the calendar page and double click - you can then browse to your chosen image file (jpg, bmp, tif, gif, png) 
  • Select Open then OK 
  • You can then use the mouse to resize and position the picture