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Simply Calenders Version History

Latest v5.7.1480
4.0 3.5 3.3 3.2 3.1 2.0

** These have all been free upgrades to existing registered users of "Simply Calenders" **

If you would like to suggest an enhancement for Simply Calenders - please let us know

Version 5.6

  • NEW Trilingual Template
  • FIX: Font now set correctly for Front Page Title when using PDF Print

Version 5.5

  • Panoramic Photo templates
  • Easier selection of recently used image files and captions
  • Font preview when selecting fonts
  • Option to supress week numbers on week planners
  • 2017 SHA256 Digital Signing of files for seamless installation and use
  • v5.5.1464
    Updated PDF Print function
  • v5.5.1466
    FIX: When using PDF Print AND using UNICODE fonts (such as Arial and Times New Roman),
    accented characters are now rendered correctly.
  • v5.5.1467
    Improved Automatic Font Selection for Thai, Arabic and Hebrew script
  • v5.5.1471
    Improved Intelligent Formatting for some templates
    Enhanced Font Selection Dialog
    Enhanced Colour Scheme Selection Dialog
    Export Page has additional options
    Christian event additions for Alasatian, Breton, Thai and Filipino languages

Version 5.4

  • Russian interface (Thanks @SHAH Kh)
  • Jewish Calendar templates
  • Updated Portuguese Holidays
  • v5.4.1450
    FIX: Double clicking cld file in Windows Explorer functionality

Version 5.3

  • Chinese Year (superimposed on Western calendar)
  • Chinese Lunar Events in Traditional or Simplified Chinese
  • v5.3.1396 New Libyan flag now used in graphics
  • v5.3.1999
    New Month Planner Template with complete year of mini calendars beneath
    Updated Queen's Diamond Jubilee Holidays for 2012 (UK)
  • v5.3.1406
    Duplex version of Month with Year template
    CD Jewel Case template
    Automatic program restart after changing interface language or entering registration key
    Program link to Simply Calenders Facebook webpage
    FIX: Program email link now works with Windows Live Mail
    FIX : Open Template dialog tabs now correctly displayed when interface language is German
    FIX: Win 7 now correctly identified on system information
  • v5.3.1417
    His'N'Hers template
    Simpler yet more powerful interface for colums in Organiser calendars
    FIX: Thumbnails page now printed correctly when large resolution images are used with A3
  • v5.3.1419
    Suffix " (EU)" added to European DST changes eg "DST begins (EU)" when selected calendar language is US, Canadian or Australian English
    Finnish Pääsiäinen now spelt correctly
  • v5.3.1420
    FIX: Add/Edit Language screen now displayed correctly when a high screen resolution is used
  • v5.3.1421
    FIX: Academic Week planner (template 59) now prints completely

Version 5.2

  • 4 Booklet style week calendars including one with variable start month
  • Booklet style month calendar
  • Mirrored margins (to allow for larger margin on bound edge)
  • Optional marginless full page picture on duplex and booklet calendars
    (if your printer supports borderless printing)
  • Independent font style for user defined day labels
  • New Extra Page features
    (ruled lines, calendars for current and previous year)
  • Enhanced colour scheme management
  • More intuitive menu structure
  • More shortcut keys
  • Option to suppress printing of week numbering convention (American/ISO8601)
  • v5.2.1374 Corrected German Translations for interface
    Improved handling if appropriate standard Windows folders are not identified
  • v5.2.1375 Improved handling of Error 482 if system printer changed
  • v5.2.1377
    New Feature to show automatically incrementing birthdays
    Minicalendars for previous/next years now show correct holiday highlighting
    Additional lieu US holidays are now shown
    Change Picture 1 to same size and position on all pages now works for pictures 1 - 4
  • v5.2.1378
    Bug Fix Memorial Day now shown on correct day
  • v5.2.1380
    Enhancement: Additional Scanners now supported
    Bug Fix: Extra text on Prism calendars now shown correctly

Version 5.1

  • Up to 4 pictures per page on illustrated month calendars
  • Up to 2 pictures per page on illustrated week planners
  • Large option for Day Pictures
  • Optional Danish (Dansk) interface
    Thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen (Komputer for Alle)
  • Interface enhancements
  • 9 Jan 09 - Additional translations for Hungarian interface
    Thanks again to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg
  • v5.1.1322 Improvements for printing using fast PCs
  • v5.1.1324 FIX: now always identifies nth weekday correctly on Repeating Events
  • v5.1.1328 FIX: "Control Array Element '1' doesn't exist ..." (only reported on one PC)
    Thanks Laren
  • v5.1.1329 Improved German interface
    Many Thanks to Alfred Faust
  • v5.1.1330 NEW Options for sunrise/sunset times
  • v5.1.1332
    NEW Print Current Page
    Unecessary "Invalid Margins" dialogs suppressed
    FIX: Last fixed event is now editable
  • v5.1.1333
    Tweaked for compatiblility with Windows 7
    FIX: System Page File Size now reported correctly under Windows Vista
  • v5.1.1334
    FIX: MS Outlook appointments before 8am on 1 January are now imported correctly
  • v5.1.1338
    Slovak National Events added
    Improvements to Italian interface (Thanks Luciano)
    Minor corrections to Norwegian Events (Thanks Christian)
    FIX: Trying to save calendar to readonly file is now handled correctly (Thanks David)
  • v5.1.1342
    New 2 Column Month template
    Father's Day added for UK, Australia and NZ
    More flexibility in user-defined Day Labels for Week Planners
  • v5.1.1343
    Enhanced software protection (less likely to cause conflicts)
    FIX: Bilingual Mini calendars now correctly shown when 1st language does not use western characters
    FIX: Modified predefined events now consistently shown on first opening
  • v5.1.1345
    FIX: Selecting default font on non English PCs no longer causes opening error message

Version 5.0

  • Import events from MS Outlook
  • Find and Replace (events)
  • Copy text to multiple specified dates
  • v5.0.1300
    Colour Balance - automatic removal of colour cast works correctly
    Cosmetic fix for splash screen when "Large Fonts" are selected
  • v5.0.1303
    Swiss National Events, Local Events: Orkney Events
  • v5.0.1304
    Upgraded installation (InstallShield Express 2009)

Version 4.91

  • Editable predetermined events
  • Alignable picture captions
  • Any colour may be used for public holidays
  • Improved minicalendar formatting
  • National events for Greece and Cyprus
  • Assumption Day now included in full Christian events
  • One click to change many font styles
  • Interface enhancements
    • v4.91.1261
      Some German interface improvements
      Austrian "Feber" substituted
      Resolved: "Could not register msvbvm60.dll" error message on installation
    • v4.91.1266
      DEP issues resolved (no longer crashes on Vista with DEP enabled)
      Further German interface improvements
      New exchange (bilingual) languages feature
      Much more friendly automatic margin adjustment
    • v4.91.1269
      Export resolution now consistently set
      Exporting at maximum resolution no longer causes program crash on some systems
    • v4.91.1276
      Austrian, Irish and Russian National Events added
      Menu links for website now open correctly with Firefox
      Logical ordering of National Events
    • v4.91.1277
      Fewer and more focussed notification if margins are invalid
      One Irish Gaelic correction
    • v4.91.1279
      On year planners, all images are now saved correctly
      Link to user forum updated

Version 4.9

  • Year Planners that can start on any month
  • Can now include public holidays within extra text
  • Improved calendar options for web (PHP, Framed, HTML)
  • Easy FTP upload of web calendars
  • German interface
  • More accurate prediction of Islamic events
  • Quick check for latest version
  • Improved Hebrew features
  • Israeli events
  • Additional calendar languages
  • Improved compatibility with non western computers
    • V4.9.1237
      New (2008) Australian daylight saving dates added
      FIX: Vertical positioning corrected for user-defined events (template 24)

Version 4.8

  • Improved installation
  • Compatible with Windows Vista
  • Direct Print to PDF file
  • PDF Viewer
  • Ctrl + click to add text to dates
  • Easier selection of calendar objects
  • Up to 3 pictures per page
  • Support for GIF transparency
  • Day of Year 1 - 365/6
  • New template
    Illustrated Month Calendar with 2 columns 
  • New Thumbnail Options
  • v4.8.1128
    FIX: "Copy Picture Files to Graphics Folder" copies image files when file tag is in upper case (eg mypic.JPG)
    Additional Hungarian translations
  • v4.8.1130
    New Scottish Bank Holiday added - St Andrew's Day
    Halloween added to Canadian events
  • v4.8.1132
    Italian interface improvements - [Thanks Chiara]
    DST (NA) changed to DST
  • v4.8.1133
    FIX: Line wrapping error for fixed events corrected (templates 4,16)
    Thanks Phil
  • v4.8.1134
    FIX: Time Zone correction for Moon Phases corrected. [Thanks Phil]
  • v4.8.1135
    FIX: Ctrl + click opens up correct date on grid year planner when Sunday start to week is selected
    Enhancement: Option to open program in non maximized window (last size and position)
  • v4.8.1136
    Links updated to enhanced website for improved support
    FIX: Heiliger now spelt correctly
  • v4.8.1137
    FIX: Dates now correct on Bilingual Template 42 (Variable Start)
  • v4.8.1138
    Front page title can be moved on all templates
  • v4.8.1139
    FIX: images now positioned correctly on printing [Thanks Bill]
  • v4.8.1140
    FIX: Line wrapping for Day Events now correct when using PDF Print
  • v4.8.1141
    FIX: "Suppress Title" option now saved in cld file
  • v4.8.1142
    FIX: Calendar Block resizing restored for templates 10,18, 22, 23 & 26
  • v4.8.1148
    FIX: Hebrew and Arabic text now formatted correctly (following installation of Internet Explorer or on Windows Vista Hebrew/Arabic text could be reversed):
  • v4.8.1150
    FIX: Hebrew Months spelling now correct
  • v4.8.1154
    FIX: Jewish Events in Hebrew: now correctly displayed on PCs where default language is Hebrew (plus some spelling corrections)
  • v4.8.1155
    FIX: On week planners, correct events for day are now shown for days in year preceeding/year following
  • v4.8.1156
    FIX: Web calendar export for week planners now OK
  • v4.8.1157
    FIX: Duplex printing on PDF Printer now correctly selects Automatic
  • v4.8.1158
    FIX: Alignment now correct for day labels on templates 3,4,16,17

Version 4.7

Top of Page
  • Enhanced interface with XP Themes
  • Grid Styles - Simple, Rounded Corners, 3D look
  • Day Labels - more flexible, easier entry 
  • 2 new templates - 5 Day Appointment Planner and Single Wide Column month calendar
  • Optional extra pages with PDF import
  • PDF files can now be used as graphics
  • Improved PDF export
    • 4.7.1033 

    • FIX: opening error message on some PCs resolved
      improved Copy Picture Files from this calendar to Graphics folder
    • 4.7.1044 (requires complete re-install)
      Windows Vista compatible Help System (chm) 
      Czech Events
      More nameday files - Greek, Czech
      Extra Swedish translations (program interface)
      Fix: Showing public holidays in red now functions correctly even when other fixed dates are selected (eg Christian) 
      Fix: Program should no longer hang when exporting at maximum resolution (only occurred with certain graphic cards)
    • 4.7.1053
      Enhanced installation - latest VB runtime files are installed (Thanks Mario)
    • 4.7.1054
      Fix: "Force Capitalisation of Month and Day Names" now functions correctly when language is set to "Default"
    • 4.7.1056
      Patch: Certain products by Computer Associates (CA AntiSpyware / CA PestPatrol / AOL Safety and Security Centre) 
      were preventing Simply Calenders being unpacked correctly. See FAQ 
    • 4.7.1057 Patch for CA problem partially localised for non-English locales
    • 4.7.1058 FIX (Thanks Paul and François)
      Error 5 Invalid Procedure Call or argument on opening program - resolved.
      This problem only occurred for a few users
    • 4.7.1060 FIX
      Template 45: printing now enabled
      Templates 29, 39 & 49:  Christian events in 2nd language now have correct character set (bilingual calendars)
      Templates 45 & 48: Shading option now enabled
      PDF file now released after importing
    • 4.7.1061
      A few corrections to Dutch events (Thanks Gerard)
      FIX: Command line mode error corrected
    • 4.7.1063
      FIX: Minicalendars in non western languages now have correct characters (Thanks Jarek)
      Virgen Guadalupe now correctly shown on 12 December (Thanks Richard)
    • 4.7.1064
      FIX: In multimonth mode, week numbers are now shown on correct date for preceding and following year (Thanks Annelie)

Version 4.6

Top of Page
  • Additional templates
    Large Print Planner, Duplex Organiser,  Duplex Birthday, Birthday Planner, Festive Calendar
    The Large Print Planner is also ideally suited for CD jewel case calendars
  • Template improvements
    eg suppression of extra row
  • Sunset and sunrise times
    for almost anywhere in the world 
  • Support for repeating events 
    every 3rd saturday, every 2nd Tuesday of month etc
  • Option to add text and captions to thumbnail page
  • Enhanced jewish features 
    full jewish year superimposed on civil year with appropriate month headers 
  • New national events
    South African, Botswanan and Kenyan 
  • Additional languages 
    Serbian (Cyrillic), Georgian, Hindi, Yiddish (Latin script) and Romansh
  • Quick method of adding shading over more than one day 
    drag shading over several days
  • New extended DST dates for USA and Canada.
    effective from 2007
  • PDF exports include actual print size
  • New default file location 
    Files will now be saved to My Documents\Simply Calenders for current user (unless you specify an alternative location)
    This will allow restricted users on Windows XP/2000/Vista to use Simply Calenders effectively
  • EZTWAIN 3.09
    later version of scan support files
    • 4.6.897 Correction to French events
    • 4.6.898 FIX:  crash on selecting Reset Size and Position of Logo
    • 4.6.899
      Extra row on Right to Left template removed
      FIX: Pdf export failed (caused by earlier version of EZPdf.dll)         
    • 4.6.900 FIX: Headers drop down  selection on Font dialog was empty
    • 4.6.901 FIX Crash on aligning logo picture
                    FIX Week calendars exported incorrectly
    • 4.6.902  FIX Custom locations for sunrise/sunset did not allow 3 digit longitude

Version 4.5

Top of Page
  • Icon driven menus
    Each menu item has a image representing that function. 
    This may be particularly helpful to non-English speakers. 
  • Undo/Redo
    Click on Undo (or Ctrl+Z) to undo last action, click again to reverse undo
  • 2 New Templates
    1. Variable start year calendar
      Start month specified by user ( eg March to February).
      Optional pictures for each month
    2. Birthday calendar
      Similar to the month strip calendar . "366 day- no year"
      Used for birthday reminders
  • Line wrapping on Set Events
    eg National Events and Religious Events
  • 5 Interface languages (Swedish added to English, French, Hungarian and Spanish)
    Swedish/Svenska translation - thanks to Janne Bild
  • Updated Swedish namedays
    Thanks again to Janne Bild
  • Enhanced right click text functions
  • Unicode enabled (Windows XP, 2000 and NT only)
    Allows direct pasting of text in other alphabets directly into Simply Calenders
    eg you can now copy Japanese text from a web page or word processor, then paste into "Extra Text" of Japanese calendar
  • Translations for calendars further extended and enhanced
    Christian (W) Events completed for Chinese, Korean, Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Welsh
    Eastern Orthodox Events now complete for Macedonian, Serbian, Bulgarian
  • Optional Additional Eastern Orthodox Events
    (Serbian, Macedonian, English)
  • Bug fix for Win95
    Some Open/Save file dialogs were hidden behind another window appearing to freeze program
    • Version 4.5.853 FIX
      English was incorrectly shown as unsupported langauge on some PCs where native language was not English
    • Version 4.5.855 FIX
      Double click on Front Page Text had no effect
      Error 13: Type Mismatch when set events were added to template 20
      " ... is not a valid folder" on opening program
    • Version 4.5.856 FIX
      On template 27, selecting Mark Easter  resulted in "Easter" being incorrectly printed one line lower
    • Version 4.5.859
      message regarding error 380 rewritten - more user friendly
      2 Portuguese typos corrected
    • Version 4.5.860
      Further Portuguese corrections
    • Version 4.5.861
      Support added for printers with more than 127 supported paper sizes (eg PDFMachine)
    • Version 4.5.862 FIX
      When using some combinations of fixed events, text could be run together

Version 4.4 

Top of Page
  • Background Colours
  • Wheelmouse support
  • 2 new duplex 3 month designs
  • New Appointment Planner design (Week Organiser with appointment times)
  • Improved day label capability on Itemised Organiser
  • Faster loading of Font Dialog
  • "Go to Month" on week planners
    • 4.4.773 adds Hungarian (magyar) interface, Hungarian Events and Hungarian namedays
      Thankyou to Jozsef Tamas Herczeg
    • 4.4.777 adds Spanish (español) interface and faster showing of "Find Character" dialog.
    • 4.4.779 adds many translations for Solstice/Equinox. Further Hungarian enhancements.
    • 4.4.783 several minor bug fixes
    • 4.4.784 Fix for (rare) crash while opening program (only reported for one user)

Version 4.3 

Top of Page
  • Multilingual interface (currently English / Français)
  • New Styles (Prism - fold in 3 to have freestanding calendar)
  • Improved interface
  • Faciliatated entry of accented & special characters [© ® ™ £ € ¥]
  • EZTWAIN 3.07
  • Enhanced Edit functions
  • Several minor bug fixes
    • 4.3.756 
      New margin options for duplex calendars, allowing full page pictures (where supported by printer)
      Both sides of duplex calendars now print  to PDF virtual printers
      New Month Planner template (featuring maximal area for writing)
      Extended Icelandic event
    • Bug Fix 4.3.757 
      On Maternity Organizer template, selecting "Sunday Start to Week" caused day names to be shown incorrectly
    • Bug Fix 4.3.760 
      On non-illustrated month planners, front page pictures were not saved in CLD file
    • Bug Fix 4.3.761 
      Where Windows language was neither English nor  French, selecting French for  program interface was ignored
    • Bug Fix 4.3.762 
      Finnish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese & Swedish National Events were not saved in CLD file

Version 4.2

Top of Page
  • Accurate Moon Phases (with correction for Time Zone) 
  • Solstices and Equinoxes
  • Vietnamese and Japanese Events
  • Chinese Lunar Events eg Chinese New Year
  • Export to Desktop as Wallpaper
  • Improved interface

Version 4.1

Top of Page
  • Option to include picture for any day on grid month calendars
  • Option to have more than one main picture on most calendars
  • Optional Page of thumbnail pictures (12 month calendars & Week Planners)
  • Academic Year calendars & Fiscal Year Calendars
  • Character limit on Extra Text increased from 260 to 2048 characters
  • Enhanced National Events (Belgian and French Canadian National Events)
  • Option to suppress title
  • Option to automatically highlight dates that have Events
  • Option to shade weekends
  • Option to automatically copy graphic files to Simply Calenders Graphics folder
  • Improved formatting in some templates
  • Improved "Calendar Properties" (more readable)
  • Right click menu options on calendar block
  • Translations for Western Christian and Eastern Orthodox events extended and improved
  • Last used languages (2) remembered on Language menu for easy access
  • A few minor bug fixes

Version 4.0

Top of Page
  • Step by Step Calendar Creation Wizard
  • Multi Month calendars (0 - 36 months)
  • More templates
  • 2nd picture eg for logo/banner
  • Bilingual calendars
  • Colour Schemes
  • Almost all paper sizes where supported by printer (even A1...)
  • Optional invisible grid lines
  • Direct links from Help menu to Online Help
  • Build 590 Fix: Nov Dec were not printing for Year 3
  • Build 592 Fix: "Align this Page's Picture Size and Position to All Pages" was not working for 36 month calendars.
  • Build 595 Fix: "Extra text" repositioning was not working on 36 month calendars
  • Build 596 Fix: Printing grid calendars on Win95/98/ME resulted in dates being hidden (applied to some printers only)
  • Build 597 Fix(2) : Style 26 did not print logo Picture did not print on year planners
  • Build 598 Fix: Picture positions and sizes were not saved on year planners
  • Build 600 Fix: On Multimonth calendars, logo picture could not be changed on front page
  • Build 602 Fix: In some situations, when Windows language setting was not English, some calendar settings were not saved in CLD file
  • Build 603 Fix: "New Year" in US Events was shown on 31 December
  • Build 604 Option to override 4 MPixel limit on image files (if OS Windows NT, 2000 or XP)
  • Build 605 Day Event quick entry now available for all years on multimonth 3 year calendars
  • Build 606 Fix: "British National Events" had displayed incorrect (US) date for Mothers Day rather than UK date
  • Build 622
    National Events for Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Finland added.
    Visual indication of Illustrated pages (Month/Week Number in Bold)
    Text for Promotional Message now stored in CLD file
    Some translations for "week"
    Option not to force capitalization for Months and Weekdays
    Font dialog shows progress during loading
    Improved Finnish translations
    Adjustable display font size for Character Select Dialog
    All Papers supported by printer now stored in CLD File.
    FIX: Align Logo Picture works on Front Page.
    FIX: Promotional picture on both sides of Front Page of Strip Calendars
    FIX: Advent Calendar Front Page printing now works

    Fix: repeated error 302 on exporting Week Planner
  • Build 622 Improved Swedish translations

Version 3.5

Top of Page
  • New Templates
    • Week by week calendars (ISO 8601 Week No. or American week No.)
    • Drop-down double-sided month calendar
    • Year Planners by week
      (ISO 8601 Week No., American week No., or Saturday weeks for accommodation rental)
    • More month calendars with minicalendars ( last and next month)
    • Personalised maternity calendars
    • Advent calendars
  • Sunday Only Weekend (option)
  • Christian Events with optional Lent and Advent
  • Individual cell shading
  • Improved display of small fonts
  • TIFF JPEG Compression (if EZTwain 3.04 installed)
  • Day Label Quick Entry
  • Command Line Options
  • Multiline Promotional Message
  • Sizeable/Placeable Picture on Duplex Calendars
  • Placeable "Extra Text"
  • Font Underline
  • Separate font for Headers and Promotions
  • FIX for printing problem when Front Page has picture with border and Front Page Text font size >30
  • Danish St Bededag date now correct
  • FIX for error on attempting to select Front Page Text when no text is entered
  • Norwegian National Events added
  • FIX for Front Page Border Colour on Strip Calendars

Version 3.4 

Top of Page
  • National Events (calculated) for USA, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Nederlands, Denmark & Iceland
  • Extended British Events
  • Improved formatting of Day Labels
  • Improved formatting of "Right to Left" Calendar
  • Improved Printer dialog (Collate, Reverse Order and Printer Settings button)
  • Week Numbers - European (ISO 8601), US and UK Inland Revenue
  • Cover Page Designer
  • Day Labels for Year Planner
  • Highlight Colour for special days
  • New 150% and 200% Zoom Settings (allowing high resolution exports)
  • 12 Month Overview and Month Selection
  • More intuitive picture selection
  • No need to "Apply" for each month (All changes committed on OK or Apply)
  • Picture size reset if new picture selected
  • Bug Fixes
    • Default picture position on strip calendar corrected
    • Month Names on menus no longer shown as ??? when Regional Setting is Russian, Greek etc
    • Opening calendar now uses correct character set when Windows Regional Setting is Russian, Greek etc

Version 3.3

Top of Page
  • Improved Navigator (Drop down list for month selection, roll-on to next/previous year)
  • Support for Eastern Orthodox Old Calendarists (Julian Calendar)
  • Easier selection of Picture or Calendar Block using Edit Menu
  • Orientation of Landscape Calendars remains landscape when exported to PDF
  • Paper size stored in CLD file
  • NEW Illustrated Year Planner Template
    • 3.3.384
    • Option to set User Default Language (different to system default)
      Simply Calenders Default printer
      When printer is set by "Simply Calenders", then this printer will be remembered when "Simply Calenders" is next opened.
    • Daylight Saving (summer Time) dates for Europe and Australasia
      (Versions 3.3.378 and earlier supported N American Daylight Savings only)
      More complete translations for Christian events
      "Toned down" moons (gray)
    • 3.3.385 Microsoft bug workaround: "Disappearing picture when border is selected" This issue resolved in this release. Applied only to certain printers under Win 95/98/ME
    • 3.3.386
      Split pages on "Picture Calendar" when image orientation is portrait now corrected
      Catalan weekdays abbreviations corrected on year planners
    • 3.3.388 Ash Wednesday/Shrove Tuesday predictions now OK.
      in earlier versions showed both Ash Wednesday and Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) ONE week late
      Spelling errors in German "Christian Events" corrected
    • 3.3.389 Easter/Pesach bug corrected
      (Easter/Pesach month incorrect on Year Planner 2 and Illustrated Year Planner)

Version 3.2

Top of Page
  • Three New Templates
  • Right to Left
    4 year planner
    Picture month calendar
  • Move and resize pictures - Drag'N'Drop
  • Move and resize Calendar Block - Drag'N'Drop
  • User Preferences remembered (calendar style & fonts )
  • User Defined Day Labels (optional) eg birthdays, special events
  • Add Events to calendar dates
  • Christian (Western) Events
  • Eastern Orthodox Events (new calendar)
  • Jewish Events
  • Islamic Events

These are calculated for year selected & displayed in appropriate language.

    Version 3.1

    Top of Page
    • Improved scanner and printer support
    • Integral image editor ("The Darkroom")
    • TIF, PNG image formats now supported
    • Additional 39 languages supported
    • Export to PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, HTML (ready for net)
    • Moon Phases (optional)
    • Daylight Saving "hour change" (optional)
    • Saturday Only Weekend (optional)

    Version 2

    Top of Page
    • Multilingual
    • Saturday/Sunday start to week
    • Roman Numerals for year - MMII (optional )
    • When is Ramadan?
    • Integral scanning (TWAIN compliant)
    • Endorsement with your Company/Club/Organisation (optional)
    • Improved user interface
    • Changing printer settings no longer alters system default

    ** These have all been free upgrades to existing registered users of "Simply Calenders" **