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1. Will NextPatientPlease work on Windows 95/98?
YES but will you will need require  configure NextPatientPlease manually
a) entering name of reception computer
b) sharing home folder of  NextPatientPlease as NextPls

2. How Can I Stop NextPatientPlease Opening Automatically Each Time I Logon?
On the Windows Start Menu, you will find an entry called Startup. This will have submenus NextPatientPlease and Reception NextPatientPlease.
To stop NextPatientPlease opening automatically, rightclick and delete both of these submenus.

3. Do I need to Download NextPatientPlease software separately for Each Computer
When you download NextPatientPlease installation software, choose to Save to the question Do you want to Open or Save this File?
Once you have saved to your hard disk, you can then copy it to a memory stick, CD-R or shared network folder. At each workstation where NextPatientPlease is to be installed, double click on then double click setup.exe.
One licence covers ALL installations of NextPatientPlease on a single local computer network (one site)

On Windows 2000 and 98, you may need to use a ZIP program eg WinZIP to open and unzip the installation files.
When is unzipped, you will need to ensure that folder structure is preserved (Use Folder Names)
See Simply Calenders FAQ